Sunday School

Sunday School Director: Bro. Willie Greene



Our well trained teachers and assistants ensure that your child is being taught the inspired word of God.



Classes by Age

Age Teacher
Nursery 0-23months  Cindy Morgan, Mary Black
2 & 3 year olds Wendy Plazas, Judy Wolff, Pam Kopek, Hannah Dumont, Kim Celestial
4 & 5 year olds Rebecca Turner, Ethelind Calderon, Eva Calderon
6 & 7 year olds Angela Anderson
8 & 9 year olds Doris Semple
10 and 11 year olds Rachel Uwanawich, Stacey McClary
12 and 13 year olds Rev. Jeremy Rodriguez and Ofelia Rodriguez
14 & 15 year olds Dustin Jett
16  - HS Graduates Scott Sheppard and David Celestial
Adult Class Pastor H.L. Sheppard




Our Sunday School department has tripled, along with our general attendance, over the past two decades. We love inviting people to our church and our attendance has grown dramatically since we opened our new church facility. We are currently averaging over 440 on Sunday morning.