Sunday School

Sunday School Director: Bro. Willie Greene

Welcome to Sunday School!  


We pray your children will be blessed by learning the inspired word of God from our well-trained teachers and assistants. In making adjustments for COVID-19, we have also begun to host virtual Sunday School Classes via Google Classroom! If you would like to access virtual Sunday School, please click the appropriate link below:


Classes by Age 

  2 & 3 years old   Wendy Plazas ---------------------------
  4 - 5 years old   Rebecca Turner 4 - 5 Years Old
  6 - 8 years old   Davia Adams, Aimee Hughley 6 - 8 Years Old 
  8 - 9 years old   Tom & Libby Langel 8 - 9 Years Old
  10 & 11 years old   Rachel Uwanawich, Stacey McClary 10 & 11 Years Old
  12 - 14 years old   Cayla Anderson, Jenice Alston, Cara Calderon 12 - 14 Years Old
  15 - 18 years old   Veronica Jett, Eddy Ndungu 15 - 18 Years Old
  Adult Class   Pastor H.L. Sheppard ---------------------------


Our Sunday School department has tripled, along with our general attendance, over the past two decades. We love inviting people to our church and our attendance has grown dramatically since we opened our new church facility. We are currently averaging over 440 on Sunday morning.